Monday, 29 September 2008

Sugino Prototype Cog

I think Sugino was not very keen to have the photos of this cog on the net yet, so to keep everyone
happy I have taken them down. Sorry! Hopefully they will be released soon....
Not sure if these are out yet, Sugino rep told me it was a prototype coming out later this year.
You get 3 cogs, 16/17/18 with the set, and there is no need for a chain whip, just a shimano road bb tool, which does the lockring too.
To change cogs, you just take the lockring off, and the tooth section of the cog comes off laterally.
I threw this one on my 3Rensho, along with.....
Black suede 8P kashimax, padded version.
White candyXsupermarket njs stem and b201 nitto bar.
Dura Ace octalink 165 cranks, D/A NJS sealed bb.
Dura Ace sealed bearing NJS headset.


Anonymous said...

Ben Cycles is already selling these in the U.S. How do you like the cogset?

T_M said...

And didn't Miche used to have (what sounded like) a similar system...? They may well still make it I can't say I've looked in awhile.

I believe they have one where you threaded on some sort of splined base that cogs then slipped onto from the side...?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding Sugino's version seeing the pics are down.

Anonymous said...

I bought a similar cogset for my bike in $800, but it's in carbon fiber, so I think the cost was acceptable, but design doesn't like me too much. Also there new brands on market already, like Kuboz and Generic Cialis , and the prices are lower.