Friday, 27 June 2008

My new bike, and Robs silly Anchor.

My purple KIYO with rare Fujita Conpy Boy saddle, and my housemates silly Anchor bike w/star wars bars, 125g tyres, S Cubic chainring, corima carbon seat post, and Dura Ace pedals.
I like it hanging here next to mine, making my bike look just a little less obnoxious.

B Dash Trike Race....

Minami Osaka's B-Dash messenger company (named after Super Mario Bros, when you hold
the b button down and boogie) are throwing a trike drag race night tonight somewhere in Osaka, cant remember the name of the place. This is the Ocean Cycle Factory entry, with Nitto B123AA drops, Nitto black stem, Dia Compe 1'' threaded headset, Dura Ace pedals, Cinelli straps, and now (not pictured) a wheelie bar, in case things get out of hand.

Nagasawa BB Shells

Nagasawa BB Shells old and new. The old looking one is the newer one, and the new
looking one is the old one. I like the old one.

Super Aero oddities...

This is a purple edition of the beloved Super Aero rim by Araya, 30mm sidewall, no braking
machined surface, and it is a clincher! 650c 28 hole....
Behind it is a very rare 24h, 24 inch funny bike Super Aero tubular, NOS.
And the meat in their 80's sandwich is a hed3 custom painted at VIVALO in white
with pink and green metal flake (clincher).
And below are some toe clips, which are probably the hardest to find NJS clips made. Minoura
now make dinky wheelbuilding stands, and bike racks.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

3Rensho MTB and BMX rarities....

Ok so this blog will mostly be slightly nerdy and have the word 'rare' in each post.
I will try to back this up with stuff that is actually kind of interesting and/or hard
to find. Here are some more strange bikes from Yoshi's studio....a BMX and a MTB.
So far, 2 posts and no track bikes in sight......
Let's Pisuto! Let's BMX! Let's MTB! 'Let's Road-O!


This must the chibiest 3rensho ever ugly but I cannot stop looking at
it.......I have noticed a trend in Japan, where street riders have started to dig
for 55-58cm frames, since these frames arguably have the nicest triangle proportions.
I used to enjoy the fact that the frames I wanted were the least popular in Japan.
Time to start a trend overseas.....let's ride 44cm frames (the size of this road frame below).
Let's Pisuto!