Monday, 17 November 2008

My OSCA frame from Ibaraki Ken, Japan. (njs keirin)

This is one of the hardest to find frames, as far as NJS Keirin approved goes. Others that are very
rare even in Japan, are Venus, Civras, King Speed, Ohtaki, Shimazaki and Yanagisawa.
Everest are best known for their Randonneurs, which are very sought after in Japan, but the Everest piste frames also fetch big money. This is my friend Miya Sans... Kalavinka's Tanabe San did his training at Everest before establishing Kalavinka in Tokyo.


T_M said...

Hi Rene,

Living in Japan you're probably less obsessed with photographs than us (you get the real thing) but I figured I'd point out that there's a photo of a chromed OSCA used in a Wired wiki piece on how to ride a fixed gear... it's posted at Jussi's blog.

keithwwalker said...

Who makes those pedals? Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

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Archie Pavia said...

What a great little pattern, I love reading this kind of stuff. :) Thanks for sharing this. -- atlanta cup