Monday, 17 November 2008

Street Party, North Face Photo Exhib.

An exhibition of photos from NYCs messenger culture.
Also a street party and trick demo out the front of Ocean Cycle Factory/
NJS Supermarket HQ!
1.Tossing the camera man around..
2.Freestyle session inside the Nth Face Osaka store.
3.FedUp's EmJay-San working on his skill set.
4.Sayaka - I know a lot of my customers know her already!
5.Unable to decide whether to ride his Nakagawa, or Nagasawa...
6.Front of Ocean/NJS Supermarket, and Nth Face store.
7.Osakas naked messenger, Miwa Kun.
8.Robs Ocean track bike, now for sale at

Shots from KYOTO LOCO event, in Japan 2008.

1.Osaka crew, B dash messengers, Hajime, Kango....
2.My friend Yutaka, who works for NJS, got married this weekend.
Cameraman was keeping it old school.
3. Inside the Kyoto Loco hall...
4. Custom rims.
5.Taito-kuns dotty Erba....he won the gold sprints event.
6. Levant with Arc En Ciel decals...
7. Otaku disk wheel.

H Plus Son 650C w/HOSHI stainless blades, and Dura Ace NJS hub.

A front barspin wheel for my trick bike (i am not going to say what frame I am is junk)...
The wheel looks tough, with the super wide blades, 36 hole 4 cross, with the 42mm 650c rim....

My OSCA frame from Ibaraki Ken, Japan. (njs keirin)

This is one of the hardest to find frames, as far as NJS Keirin approved goes. Others that are very
rare even in Japan, are Venus, Civras, King Speed, Ohtaki, Shimazaki and Yanagisawa.
Everest are best known for their Randonneurs, which are very sought after in Japan, but the Everest piste frames also fetch big money. This is my friend Miya Sans... Kalavinka's Tanabe San did his training at Everest before establishing Kalavinka in Tokyo.