Monday, 8 September 2008

My NAKAGAWA street bike...

Very under-rated and little known builder in Osaka; Nakagawa. Made a lot of 24 inch/700c frames for amateur track and road TT riders, and mainly road frames. Very unique lugwork, bent chain and seat stays, straight fork, sexy/weird fork crown....nearly always pink with white headtube and seat tube. This is a purple one made in custom team colors. Rare parts fitted include the deadstock AERO4 Araya front 650c rim, Ariake Jaguar Aero II padded white saddle....and, well that is about all actually. Rear Araya candy rim w/matching Gran Compe SS tyre........Fun bike!


Anonymous said...

crazy tire-clearance in the rear

The Flying Helmet said...

great set up.
very surprising to see a straight fork!

d'emploi said...

hey rene
i am working on a 24" shogun where i am converting dropouts and tightening clearances some.
but i am looking for another straight blade fork with zero rake for a 650, instead of the 24".
anyway, do you know where i might find something like that?
also, i just saw that white stem and bars!
that is like what i want for this shogun, with high risers.
will you be offering any of those on the supermarket or can i get one in the future?
ok, long post, should have just emailed.

T_M said...

wow... another gorgeous bike!

you're killing me over here!!!

:D tiny

Alex said...

She's mine now! I think i'm the 3rd or 4th owner of this frame, and if you think the tire clearance in the rear is crazy that's nothing - the front won't accept 700x23 tires so i had to find a 700x21. I'm sure that's why she's pictured with a 650 up front, which i've also tried and it works great with this frame's sprinter geometry. The most unique thing about this particular Nakagawa (aside from the paint) is the taper toward the bottom of the seat tube, it's oversized at the bottom bracket. I'm still trying to find out what tubes she's made with, if anybody knows please post here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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