Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Chopped up Keirin frame...

A Peloton Shitamori NJS frame, in pieces....(continuing the theme of chopping up
nice things)

Cutting parts in half...

Sometimes parts are just asking to be cut in half....

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Random bikes in the shop....

Sky blue OCEAN Keirin Sentouki frame, with nitto street piste straight
bullhorn bar (new for '08), messed up carbon disk, and 2 kashimax top
tube protectors, one is for the brake! Also fitted is a carbon corima pillar,
and araya gold njs front rim.

Black OCEAN Pacifix Exclusive w/a mixed bag of parts fitted...

CA4LA's Miya no LEVEL 24/24'' funny bike converted to fixed.
Finding 2 24 inch rims is not fun! But it paid off.....a very rare
and wacky bike, even by Japan standard....

The weirdest bike in my own collection, a 1 (or maybe 3) off
prototype fixed frame, inspired by the satan star, hand made
in Tokyo. I won it at a recent track bike event in Osaka, beating
the 'Famicom Boss' in the final of a foot down contest. Osu!

Dildo drops, and tear drop tubes....

Kenchan of Metallico is working on a custom B123 Nitto NJS drop
bar that has rounded steel ends, with no seam, much like his straight
polished Metallico Tsuchinoko bar, which is more often referred to as
the Dildo bar....
This one is a 350mm prototype.

A beautiful 700/650 frame built by Hashiguchi San, for
Murakami San of the Joto Ringyou track team in Osaka.
The tear drop shaped seat tube does not take your average
round seat pillar. A custom made tear drop shaped pillar
was custom made for this frame. Yabai!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A few shots from Nara Keirin a few weeks ago. The best thing apart from watching the racing, is the artwork on the posters...some people steal them and sell them online, which I guess is a pretty solid idea. The samurai senshu is going to win by any means.
photo 2....Championship stripes on the roof.
photo 3....The seedy Keirin crowd in Japan; if you take your eyes off the
bikes for a second, you might think you were at the greyhounds...

What I noticed, regarding parts/frames this weekend......
Maeda, Peloton frames a-plenty, a few Makinos, Panasonics, Bridgeys, 1 Samson, 1 Nagasawa,
Peloton was the most common frame I saw this day.
Everyone was using single straps. One guy had a Ariake Jaguar saddle! Surprised he had not
worn it out yet....very old model.

Random Gaijin...

Robert and Gabe, who reminded me how to speak English a few weeks ago. These got some cheap airfares from Sydney, dropped into Osaka, asked for a couple of nice bikes, and 3 days later took these bikes on a tour around Japan. Nice plan. Nice guys. Thanks!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tree House

This is the shop (more like a big kids tree-house) myself and Kishiguchi Yo share
in Horie Osaka....NJS SuperMarket, and Ocean Cycle Factory office.