Monday, 17 November 2008

Street Party, North Face Photo Exhib.

An exhibition of photos from NYCs messenger culture.
Also a street party and trick demo out the front of Ocean Cycle Factory/
NJS Supermarket HQ!
1.Tossing the camera man around..
2.Freestyle session inside the Nth Face Osaka store.
3.FedUp's EmJay-San working on his skill set.
4.Sayaka - I know a lot of my customers know her already!
5.Unable to decide whether to ride his Nakagawa, or Nagasawa...
6.Front of Ocean/NJS Supermarket, and Nth Face store.
7.Osakas naked messenger, Miwa Kun.
8.Robs Ocean track bike, now for sale at

Shots from KYOTO LOCO event, in Japan 2008.

1.Osaka crew, B dash messengers, Hajime, Kango....
2.My friend Yutaka, who works for NJS, got married this weekend.
Cameraman was keeping it old school.
3. Inside the Kyoto Loco hall...
4. Custom rims.
5.Taito-kuns dotty Erba....he won the gold sprints event.
6. Levant with Arc En Ciel decals...
7. Otaku disk wheel.

H Plus Son 650C w/HOSHI stainless blades, and Dura Ace NJS hub.

A front barspin wheel for my trick bike (i am not going to say what frame I am is junk)...
The wheel looks tough, with the super wide blades, 36 hole 4 cross, with the 42mm 650c rim....

My OSCA frame from Ibaraki Ken, Japan. (njs keirin)

This is one of the hardest to find frames, as far as NJS Keirin approved goes. Others that are very
rare even in Japan, are Venus, Civras, King Speed, Ohtaki, Shimazaki and Yanagisawa.
Everest are best known for their Randonneurs, which are very sought after in Japan, but the Everest piste frames also fetch big money. This is my friend Miya Sans... Kalavinka's Tanabe San did his training at Everest before establishing Kalavinka in Tokyo.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Sugino Prototype Cog

I think Sugino was not very keen to have the photos of this cog on the net yet, so to keep everyone
happy I have taken them down. Sorry! Hopefully they will be released soon....
Not sure if these are out yet, Sugino rep told me it was a prototype coming out later this year.
You get 3 cogs, 16/17/18 with the set, and there is no need for a chain whip, just a shimano road bb tool, which does the lockring too.
To change cogs, you just take the lockring off, and the tooth section of the cog comes off laterally.
I threw this one on my 3Rensho, along with.....
Black suede 8P kashimax, padded version.
White candyXsupermarket njs stem and b201 nitto bar.
Dura Ace octalink 165 cranks, D/A NJS sealed bb.
Dura Ace sealed bearing NJS headset.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sugino Lock Down.

Old bottle of SUGINO Screw Lock. Loc-tite for pisuto-maniaku....

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Blue Dura Ace HF...

Custom blue Dura Ace NJS hub by Ocean Cycle Factory.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Nagasawa N crown frame

Very old Nagasawa frame with unusually ugly 'N' marks on the fork shoulders, unlike the typeface I recently posted on
This is a average 110 ended 510mm frame, and is going to fetch a fortune for the seller in Japan.
Very unique.
Next is a rough shot of a Sugino panto Nagasawa ring.

Monday, 8 September 2008

My NAKAGAWA street bike...

Very under-rated and little known builder in Osaka; Nakagawa. Made a lot of 24 inch/700c frames for amateur track and road TT riders, and mainly road frames. Very unique lugwork, bent chain and seat stays, straight fork, sexy/weird fork crown....nearly always pink with white headtube and seat tube. This is a purple one made in custom team colors. Rare parts fitted include the deadstock AERO4 Araya front 650c rim, Ariake Jaguar Aero II padded white saddle....and, well that is about all actually. Rear Araya candy rim w/matching Gran Compe SS tyre........Fun bike!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Araya super aero, yellow...

Continuing my unhealthy obsession with Araya Super Aero rims, here is a nice rare yellow powdercoated 16 hole tubular, with blade spokes and hologram stickers....maybe it was custom made to fit in with a race teams colors?

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Another super family brothers / supermarket build!

Corima wheels and seat post, Nitto Tsubasa bar/stem, NJS components.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Remember the bedazzler? Kalavinka NJS

This is my friend Kato's Kalavinka. He paid a nail sculpture artist to
encrust the lugs and logos with plastic diamonds. Crazy. I love it personally,
although it is not one for the matte black w/stickers crowd.
Titanium campa arrow head rims, 08 campa record hubs, campa record cranks/ring,

Friday, 22 August 2008

New kiyo build. Chou Very Goo!

My Kiyo Miyazawa NJS Keirin frame.
-campa njs head set -jaguar sp72 post
-hatta r9400 bb -metallico bar
-kashimax 8P cushioned saddle -steel jaguar nj pro stem
-araya alumi disk -dura ace 167.5 cranks
-hed3 front -sugino zen chainring
-did stainless chain -toshi double straps

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Sugino 75 Chainrings discontinued...

Some news to cry yourself to sleep over....
Sugino has discontinued the legendary Sugino 75 NJS chainrings.
This means the days of cheap Keirin chainrings are over....tissue please.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Blade Hoshi spokes, pink 3Rensho, araya disk, hed3 white

1.I recently came across a mother-load of Hoshi and Asahi heavily bladed spokes in Japan.
Pity Dura Ace no longer make SL track hubs. It is hard work recessing the Dura Ace high flange spoke holes to allow these spokes in.
2.Pink 3Rensho I was building up for myself, with white hed3 and white araya disk, but it sold before I got a chance to put a few chips in it.

kashimax njs doubles, kusaka vivalo shots, kashimax x diamond back njs saddle, campa njs seat pillar

1. Some of the old plans from previously built VIVALO race frames. Pre Nov.07, about 600 riders in pro Keirin were using these frames. They order about 4 per year.
2.Sexy Kashimax NJS doubles. At the same time in early to mid 07 when these straps lost their coupling patch (no longer included), they received a nice big dirty NJS stamp in the middle, something that the Toshi doubles are still missing, and I have no idea why.
3.Kusaka San fondling one of the last forks to be built in the VIVALO factory, an OCEAN keirin sentouki fork. I think he is peeling off the tape that covers the fork ends, during the painting process.
4.A steezy BMX relic from 2 Osaka companies, Kashimax (this is actually an NJS saddle) X Diamond Back.
5.A nice rare 26.8 diamater Campa NJS post in box, NOS. This is now hanging out the top of a Blue Ocean frame that gets around Osaka and Kobe. 26.8 posts are mostly commonly needed for Panasonic NJS frames.

kalavinka w/cinelli stem, hatta swan box, kusaka vivalo factory

1. This is one of ka-shi-ra's MiyaKun's bikes's's. He has to have the best collection of parts
and bikes of anyone I know in Kansai. I must do a whole post on him some time soon.
This is a restored black Kalavinka w/Cinelli badge stem, Cinelli drops, Shamal front, Campa
disk rear, Sugino zen, custom nuevo pedals, MKS double straps......
2.Some of the sexier color samples at the VIVALO factory. Pika Pika!
3.Not sure what to make of this wall. I am sure it means something to someone.
4.An old Hatta box. I love dusty old crap like this.
5.Kusaka on the 1s and 2s. He keeps all the plans for every frame he ever built. 30 years worth.