Friday, 22 August 2008

New kiyo build. Chou Very Goo!

My Kiyo Miyazawa NJS Keirin frame.
-campa njs head set -jaguar sp72 post
-hatta r9400 bb -metallico bar
-kashimax 8P cushioned saddle -steel jaguar nj pro stem
-araya alumi disk -dura ace 167.5 cranks
-hed3 front -sugino zen chainring
-did stainless chain -toshi double straps


marcus russell price said...

rene, youre nuts.
i love it though.

Matt said...

this is probably the coolest bike i've ever seen on the entire internet.

rob said...

Hey Rene.
I like your bike very much. I also want my HED 3 white, how did you do this? Powdercoat?
Also where can you get the alu discs for your rearwheel? I like that very much too!!

Thank you for your time,
Regards Rob