Friday, 15 August 2008

kashimax njs doubles, kusaka vivalo shots, kashimax x diamond back njs saddle, campa njs seat pillar

1. Some of the old plans from previously built VIVALO race frames. Pre Nov.07, about 600 riders in pro Keirin were using these frames. They order about 4 per year.
2.Sexy Kashimax NJS doubles. At the same time in early to mid 07 when these straps lost their coupling patch (no longer included), they received a nice big dirty NJS stamp in the middle, something that the Toshi doubles are still missing, and I have no idea why.
3.Kusaka San fondling one of the last forks to be built in the VIVALO factory, an OCEAN keirin sentouki fork. I think he is peeling off the tape that covers the fork ends, during the painting process.
4.A steezy BMX relic from 2 Osaka companies, Kashimax (this is actually an NJS saddle) X Diamond Back.
5.A nice rare 26.8 diamater Campa NJS post in box, NOS. This is now hanging out the top of a Blue Ocean frame that gets around Osaka and Kobe. 26.8 posts are mostly commonly needed for Panasonic NJS frames.


Alex D said...

huh? did ocean move to another factory, or did it go out of business, after losing the njs-stamp and going from vivalo to ocean?

is there a reason, why a manufacturer would be losing the stamp, anyways?

btw, 26.8 on panasonic. so true, hard to get and totally a panasonic-thing. haha.

octopiian said...

Vivalo lost the stamp due to a fork crown breaking during a race if I understand correctly.

The wording in this is kind of confusing, but possibly it means that the moved the name from vivalo to ocean.

just a guess.

Miah's said...

The Diamond Back Suede Kashimax is worth a pretty penny!

They came stock on the diamond back 'harry leary' turbo signature BMX.

They are rare as fuck, and one of the most sought after components in the old school bmx scene.

robert said...

i'd love some of those old plans!

hoonkei said...

i have Vivalo Kusaka's road frame
Actually, i don't have any info about the Vivalo Kusaka's building frame.
Do you have information of frame, website, or link?

Do you know where kusaka live in japan, i wanna meet Mr. Kusaka and i wanna ask ma frame.

thank your blog and infomation.

Have nice day.

good riding.