Friday, 15 August 2008

kalavinka w/cinelli stem, hatta swan box, kusaka vivalo factory

1. This is one of ka-shi-ra's MiyaKun's bikes's's. He has to have the best collection of parts
and bikes of anyone I know in Kansai. I must do a whole post on him some time soon.
This is a restored black Kalavinka w/Cinelli badge stem, Cinelli drops, Shamal front, Campa
disk rear, Sugino zen, custom nuevo pedals, MKS double straps......
2.Some of the sexier color samples at the VIVALO factory. Pika Pika!
3.Not sure what to make of this wall. I am sure it means something to someone.
4.An old Hatta box. I love dusty old crap like this.
5.Kusaka on the 1s and 2s. He keeps all the plans for every frame he ever built. 30 years worth.

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