Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Random bikes in the shop....

Sky blue OCEAN Keirin Sentouki frame, with nitto street piste straight
bullhorn bar (new for '08), messed up carbon disk, and 2 kashimax top
tube protectors, one is for the brake! Also fitted is a carbon corima pillar,
and araya gold njs front rim.

Black OCEAN Pacifix Exclusive w/a mixed bag of parts fitted...

CA4LA's Miya no LEVEL 24/24'' funny bike converted to fixed.
Finding 2 24 inch rims is not fun! But it paid off.....a very rare
and wacky bike, even by Japan standard....

The weirdest bike in my own collection, a 1 (or maybe 3) off
prototype fixed frame, inspired by the satan star, hand made
in Tokyo. I won it at a recent track bike event in Osaka, beating
the 'Famicom Boss' in the final of a foot down contest. Osu!

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Anonymous said...

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