Thursday, 10 July 2008

A few shots from Nara Keirin a few weeks ago. The best thing apart from watching the racing, is the artwork on the posters...some people steal them and sell them online, which I guess is a pretty solid idea. The samurai senshu is going to win by any means.
photo 2....Championship stripes on the roof.
photo 3....The seedy Keirin crowd in Japan; if you take your eyes off the
bikes for a second, you might think you were at the greyhounds...

What I noticed, regarding parts/frames this weekend......
Maeda, Peloton frames a-plenty, a few Makinos, Panasonics, Bridgeys, 1 Samson, 1 Nagasawa,
Peloton was the most common frame I saw this day.
Everyone was using single straps. One guy had a Ariake Jaguar saddle! Surprised he had not
worn it out yet....very old model.

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