Monday, 12 January 2009

Blue Ocean w/my old araya disk! and super aero front..

Osaka's Kentaro has built up this bike recently....he is a friend of Ocean Cycle Factory and NJS Super Market!
Campa NJS seatpost, Araya polished disk, Super Aero Araya front, vintage Aeroyal bmx saddle, Octalink cranks/bb, Nitto B201AA bars, Soyo grips.....the list goes on. I love it.


Jason said...

I am pretty much ridiculously jealous of that rear wheel. Oh yeah, the bike too.

T_M said...

funny, I get turned off by disc wheels (and aerospokes for that matter)... to each their own I guess.

the frame on the other hand is beautiful.


Joey Infortuno said...

cool saddle

Anonymous said...

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