Friday, 27 June 2008

Super Aero oddities...

This is a purple edition of the beloved Super Aero rim by Araya, 30mm sidewall, no braking
machined surface, and it is a clincher! 650c 28 hole....
Behind it is a very rare 24h, 24 inch funny bike Super Aero tubular, NOS.
And the meat in their 80's sandwich is a hed3 custom painted at VIVALO in white
with pink and green metal flake (clincher).
And below are some toe clips, which are probably the hardest to find NJS clips made. Minoura
now make dinky wheelbuilding stands, and bike racks.


errk said...
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errk said...

i saw one other pair of Minoura clips at this track boutique in nyc, I shoulda bought them!